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Attackontitan cheater lévi modern petra reader. This is my first smut fanfic.

I Want You Levixreader Lemon Levi Ackerman Attack On Titan Levi Ackerman

Yes Levi You voice asked looking up.

Levi x reader lemon deviantart. Levi X Reader Drabble AU. Youve been with the Survey Corps for 5 years now. You hated the way Levi Heichou was treating you different from everyone else.

Experiment with DeviantArts own digital drawing tools. Jealousy Levi Ackerman X Reader smut Deviation Actions. Everyone is celebrating but you cant help but remember all of those who have died.

No no buts come. It was the middle of the night some time between 2 and 3 AM. Cute Levi thought as he softly kiss your.

You were in your old form sleeping peacefully with so peaceful at your face. Levi x Reader AU An Attack On Titan Fanfic WARNING. Everyone is using their 3DMG as fast as they can to you.

But you find an unexpected comforter in Levi who you didnt know has the same regrets as you. The first time you actually guessed what he was thinking Corporal Levi was so shocked he found himself unable to retort. Read Lemon from the story Levi x Reader Lemon by MorganOsborne9 Morgan Osborne with 125937 reads.

You rubbed the back of your neck lazily your hc hair worse than a birds nest. In The Summertime Levi x Reader LEMON May 15 2016 4 min read. He will do anything to get you to be his own no matter what happens.

Smexy times with captain C. You were on the verge of tears as you went to the cafeteria. NekoLevi x Reader fanfic.

A Brief History Of Time by Steven Hawking. Like you were more of a shit and needed more discipline. Levi stare at your face before reached out and brushed the stray strands of hair away from his boyfriends face.

Please also go read the original story. Where The Silence Grows Oh Sangwoo x reader. —– Name A voice called you back to reality.

The normally sullen look on his face said everything it was a look filled with nothing and yet everything. 3 Levi Ackerman Cadet LN Corporal Levi growled. NekoLevi x MaleReader Levi x MaleReader LEMON Ryunosuke16.

Fiction M – English – RomanceHurtComfort – Levi A. Steel grey eyes looking at the book between your hands. Levi x reader lemon Punishment.

And now that youve awoken his inner demons theres nothing you could do to stop him. Levi x reader LEMON. I hope you read it and le tme know what you think _ The Trouble with Jealousy Levi x ReaderRequestThis is a story that shows Levis POV from the story What Did I Do Wrong Corporal I had this requested a really long time ago from StardustRoad its been somewhere between 2-3 years.

AnimeManga Fanfiction Romance Levi Attack On Titan. CheaterLevi X Reader Oneshots Fanfiction If you want to support me or something follow my Instagram. You got up from where you sat standing in front of Corporal Levi.

10826637 – Full 34. NekoLevi x Female Reader SMUT AND LEMON. But Leeevi you started pouting.

See the end of the work for notes Work Text. By the time they. It was a warm day and you couldnt move or talk and everything was blurry.

Youve been in bed for the past few hours tossing and. Explore the Levi x Reader Lemons collection – the favourite images chosen by raahil-k on DeviantArt. Late Night Curiousity Levi x Reader 18 seokline.

Youre a very beautiful maiden and hes so obsessed with you. You were trembling and your face was completely red. You sighed as you got up from your couch and reluctantly opened the dark curtains.

Seeing him holding his bag and computer. First fanfic ever but I loveee Levi heichou so thought I would do a Levi X Reader will be lemon later in the story I promise 3. Contains Sexual Scenes only meant for Mature Audience.

Please dont judge me too harshly. His eyes narrowed at your small form and examined the state you were in. Ongoing YN a girl with a troubled past spends her days in college going by seeming unnoticed or so she t.

Dont like it dont. FollowFav Ribbons Levi X Reader Lemon By. Levi x reader levi aot levi ackerman x you levi ackerman levi ackerman x reader levi fluff aot levi attack on titan attack on titan snk shingeki no kyojin aot x reader erwin smith armin arlert mikasa ackerman eren yeager jean kirschstein porco galliard reiner braun zeke yeager falco grice gabi braun colt grice onyankopon.

FollowFav You Are Mine Yandere Levi x Reader By. No Regrets Levi x Reader lemonsmut No Regrets. You squinted your ec eyes as you were attacked by the bright rays of the afternoon sun.

Read Levi X Reader LEMON from the story Levi X Reader ONE SHOTS by AlpineBreadStick with 26846 reads. Next day Levi who feel awake and as he open his eyes what he saw is really shock. After Hours Levi x Reader Lemon Jun 28 2014 8 min read.

Hey dumbass how long will you read that damn book He asked. You looked up at him with a mix of fear and embarrassment. Experiment with DeviantArts own digital drawing tools.

Were you watching me sleep FN. Im planning on drawing all sorts of fanart based off of this work Ive already drawn quite a lot of Homestuck hecticpillager A series of oneshots in which cheating takes plac. You just about had it.

Black butler seven minutes in heaven.

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